Corey and Drew's Wedding Storify'd

My wife and I attended one of her childhood friend's wedding this past weekend in Jackson, Mississippi. Even though we were guests and didn't have to take photos, we couldn't help taking a few with our iPhones. We used Storify to chronologically post the photos from our Twitter feeds.

Corey and Drew's Wedding

The story of Corey and Drew's Wedding

Storified by Lindsey Perkins · Mon, Oct 15 2012 15:48:45

Corey and Drew just tied the knot! #coreyanddrew Perkins
A joyous walk down the aisle together #coreyanddrew Perkins
Sweet ride to the reception #coreyanddrew Perkins
Dancing under the stars #coreyanddrew Perkins
The band is rockin! #coreyanddrew Wade
This is the place to be #coreyanddrew Perkins
Have you ever seen a bouquet toss from this high up? #coreyanddrew Wade
Eat. Drink. Be married. #coreyanddrew Perkins