Michelle and Matt's Wedding Storify'd

I will post some more photos from the wedding soon. In the mean time you can view the storify'd photos below.

Michelle and Matt's Wedding

A few quick pics and video clips from Michelle and Matt's wonderful wedding.

Storified by Lindsey Perkins Wade· Sun, Jan 27 2013 12:17:12

Looking forward to photographing and live tweeting #michelleandmatt's wedding this evening!Lindsey Perkins Wade
The Milestone looks gorgeous and is ready for #michelleandmatt! http://pic.twitter.com/U4ISgtchLindsey Perkins Wade
Don't forget to sign the canvas when you arrive #michelleandmatt http://pic.twitter.com/K947yaHTLindsey Perkins Wade
Guests are starting to arrive! #michelleandmatt http://pic.twitter.com/UwoUEO0BLindsey Perkins Wade
So excited for you #michelleandmatt wish you the best of luck! Thanks for inviting me to your special day. PS this place is beautiful :)ASanders2889
The beautiful couple is ready to exchange vows #michelleandmatt http://pic.twitter.com/06vuEJYTLindsey Perkins Wade
You may now kiss the bride! #michelleandmatt http://pic.twitter.com/glkf4bixLindsey Perkins Wade
Daddy loves his little girl. Dancing to Butterfly Kisses. #michelleandmatt http://vine.co/v/bJai9EH1xQuLindsey Perkins Wade
And a big hug for mom after the mother-son dance #michelleandmatt http://vine.co/v/bJaJ5MPxzULLindsey Perkins Wade
Delicious dinner is served. When is cake? http://pic.twitter.com/AklNBXyoLindsey Perkins Wade
One more from last night. This one is from the toasts. #michelleandmatt #wedding http://pic.twitter.com/g9q6hQgSLindsey Perkins Wade
Thriller! #michelleandmatt http://pic.twitter.com/Ql5APTFwLindsey Perkins Wade
Farewell! #michelleandmatt http://pic.twitter.com/bvljTF6lLindsey Perkins Wade