Farrah Fawcett, Rodney Dangerfield, Elvis Presley and Water Drops

Photographed some interesting stuff today, including about a dozen plaster masks of celebrities of which I posted two of below. A pair of Elvis Presley sunglasses and some water drop photos I did last month. I spent about four hours and shot about 500 images totaling just over 20 gigabytes of RAW files to get about 20 somewhat interesting water drop photos. I've only posted four of them below.


Elvis Presley sunglasses. TCB stands for "Taking Care of Business."Elvis Presley sunglasses.Farrah Fawcett plaster face mask. From I believe it was made in 1981.

Rodney Dangerfield plaster face mask. Made in 1986.Water drop splash reaction in to a small pool of water. Minimal photoshop work done. Color is red, yellow, blue and green food color mixing.

Water drop splash reaction into a small pool of water. Blue and green food coloring. Minimal photoshop work, contrast.Water drop splash reaction with red food coloring. The background is a printed 5x7 photo of a Lamborghini photographed by Donald Fuller.Water drop reaction with blue food coloring.